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[Announcement] Season 16 has arrived at RealMU



Dear players!


It is with great pleasure that we announce that RealMU will receive the Season 16 update!

This means that a new chapter in the game begins, with more challenges, more dynamics and of course, more fun!

We prepared this update so that it comes with a big celebration, not only because we are doing this mega upgrade in the game, but also because during the event, RealMU will celebrate its 8 month anniversary online, a great milestone for us on the team.



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The update will take place on:

03/05/2021 @ 3PM GMT-3



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Some information about the update:

- At launch time, the Season 15 server will be shut down for maintenance scheduled to end in 3 hours.

- After the launch time, it will no longer be possible to enter the game using the current game client (Season 15)

- It will be necessary to download a new client to play, which will be made available on 03/04/2021 in the "Downloads" tab of the site

- Until the release date, the server will continue to operate normally in its current version

- NO  transition losses will occur

- The server will NOT reset



To celebrate the arrival of this long-awaited update, we have prepared a more than special event for you!

- The event will take effect after the maintenance of the update day
- The start and end of the event will be announced on our social media (Discord and Facebook)

Find out more about the event by clicking HERE

Stay tuned for all the changes and news that will come with the update!

- The changes listed will take effect after the update day is maintained.

Learn more about the update notes by clicking HERE

During the event, a new WCoins promotion will be available in the donations tab!

- The conditions of the promotion will take effect on the day of the update.

Learn more about the promotion by clicking HERE



Welcome to a new chapter.

We hope you are as anxious as we are!


Staff RealMU



Posted 24 / 02 / 2021

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