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[Patch Notes] Patchlist 03/31/2021


The changes listed below will only be implemented on the date specified in the announcement


[GAME - Webzen]


[!] Added new weapons for Gun Crasher: Blue Eye Magic Gun, Silver Heart Magic Gun
[!] Added new mastery sets for Gun Crasher: Blue Eye, Silver Heart, Manticore
[!] Added new 4th wings for Gun Crasher: Blood Wings (some visual issues may occur)


[GAME - RealMU]


[!] Remade 3D Camera Plugin (F6 to Enable/Disable, right mouse button to rotate, scroll to zoom)
[!] Decreased slightly (for better experience) max zoom out range for 3D Camera plugin
[!] Fixed guild approval awaiting list not displaying pending requests properly
[!] Fixed selection of Archangel weapons upgrade mix not working
[!] Fixed Gremory Case issue when withdrawing items from Personal Store
[!] Fixed selection of Talismans use with Item Level Upgrade mix
[!] Fixed Personal Store price setting issue
[!] Fixed not working Circle Shield skill
[!] Fixed Solid Protection and Wrath wrong damage increase issue
[!] Fixed Muuns hiding with Anti-lag system
[!] Fixed reconnect switching to incorrect channel
[!] Fixed character selection visual glitch (invisible character)
[!] Fixed ETOL & TOL usage & consumption in Chaos Machine
[!] Fixed strength / exp for Red Smoke Icarus & Arenil Temple monsters
[!] Fixed wrong monster spawn in Devias map on safe-zone
[!] Fixed Devil Square zoom with 3d camera
[!] Fixed the use of the Expansion of Wizardry skill in the safe-zone of event maps such as Arka, BC, CC, etc.
[!] Fixed the use of the Darkness skill in the safe-zone of event maps such as Arka, BC, CC, etc.
[!] Fixed Mastery Items bonuses: Damage Decrease (sets), Increase all stats (weapon), which were not being applied correctly when using Mysterious Stone.
[!] Fixed a visual issue with Master Seal of Ascension on Cash Shop (GP)
[!] Fixed Maze of Dimensions quest HP issue (reach 1,5M damage)
[!] Fixed dropping of some ingredients for creating Monster Wings
[!] Removed the drop of Death Side Parchment that was dropping on some maps
[!] Removed Deep Dungeon Gorgon boss from Devil Square 7
[!] Modification of the Maze of Dimensions event award (removed TOL and ETOL) (See about)
[!] Fixed Gemstone drop on Vulcanus map
[!] Fixed some quest monsters that were not spawning on Vulcanus
[!] Character's original SD calculation formulas applied
[!] Fixed Gun Crusher 4th wings creation
[!] New PvP / PvM Balance for Gun Crasher with new items
[!] Added message on the screen for invasions of Muun pets. (Moon Rabbit, Pouch of Blessing and Fire Flame Ghost)
[!] Increased drop of ingredients to create Fenrir
[!] Increased the chance of dropping special items in LOT by +20%. (JOG, E. Rune, TOL, ETOL)
[!] Reduction in Fenrir's loss of durability (now it will live for a longer period)
[!] +5 seconds increase when the item stays on the ground after being dropped
[!] The duel's damage will now be 100% of the real damage. (Before it was 65% of the real damage)
[!] Now characters up to level 700 can be deleted from the account
[!] HP / Damage / Defense on some bosses have been rebalanced
[!] Removed the VIP Gold and VIP Platinum tag (until the /hideicon command is fixed)
[!] Drops change for the bosses: Deep Dungeon Gorgon, Cursed Hydra and Cursed Phoenix, Cursed Kundun, God of Darkness, Nix, Core Magriffy, Lord of Ferea, Selupan: (See about
[!] Drops change for the invasions: Golden Goblin (summon the demons), Monkeys: (See about)
[!] Removal of invasions: Snakes (Arena), Snakes (Vulcanus)
[!] New Schedule for bosses: Deep Dungeon Gorgon (21:40 GMT-3), Cursed Hydra (20:40 GMT-3) and Cursed Phoenix (21:10 GMT-3)
[!] Arka War event schedule change, now will happen every Tuesday at 20:30h (GMT-3)
[!] New schedule for the Illusion Temple event (19:05, 20:05, 21:05, 23:05 GMT-3)
[!] Renewal of drops and schedule for the Last Man Standing event (the event will take place 1x daily at 20:10 (GMT-3))
[!] Now we have 3 market/event channels:
    - Market-General:  Max 10 connections, offtrade enabled
    - Market-Max900:   Max 2  connections, offtrade disabled
    - Market-Platinum: Max 10 connections, offtrade disabled
[!] New drop scheme for event invitations: (See about)
[!] Moss Merchant will now exchange 5x Jewel of Life in its jewelry exchange.
[!] Removed Garuda Flame and Steel of Heaven from Senior Mix rewards.
[!] Added Pendants 1-3 Exc Options and 1-2 Sockets to Senior Mix rewards.


Staff RealMU


Posted 31 / 03 / 2021


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