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Patch Notes - 11/12

Date: 11/12/2020


  • - Fixed DoppelGanger event monsters spawn issue
    - Fixed Dark Side skill keeps attacking party members while in Mu Helper mode
    - Dropfix on Jewel Bingo mini-game.
    - Dropfix on the Summon the Demons event.
    - Dropfix on Minor Evomon Box.
    - Dropfix on Mu Roomy 1 mini-game.
    - Dropfix on Illusion Temple event.
    - Dropfix on Acheron Guardian event.
    - Reduction on Blood Castle event drops such as jewels and ancient items.
    - Removal of Lucky Set previously given upon character creation.
    - Offline stores won't be automatically disconnected from the game after 5 days anymore.
    - Maximum level on the buff from Shadow Phantom raised to 350. 
    - Dropfix on miscellaneous and event recipe items that were not dropping on 1000+ maps.
    - Reduction on the interval between attacks from the offlevel system.
    - Damage reduction on the traps on the Iperial Guardian event
    - Change on Socket System: 2 handed weapons (bows included) now are able to drop with maximum 5 socket slots.
    - Temporary removal for the Monster Soul Converter from the Ruud shop
    - Fixed the buffs usage on safezone on  Arka war event.
    - Moss Merchant remake.
    - Arena Invasion (Metal Balrog) remake.
    - Dropfix on Crywolf event (Elf Altar, Hero List, Balgass).
    - Removal of Rare Item Ticket.
    - Removal of zen from the droplist on the Blood Castle event
    - Visual update on the Game Launcher.
    - Fixed maximum reflect on the Summoner skill from previously 30% to 70%.
    - Fix on the Blinding effect from Errtel Radiance, now lasting 5 seconds.
    - Fix on the Bleeding effect from Errtel Radiance, now lasting 10 seconds.
    - Renewal at Summon the Demons event, now the event will be an invasion with new drops
    - Now the invasion of Monkeys will also happen in Elbeland
    - Reduction in HP of Snakes on Arena map
    - Increased player capacity on servers 1 and 2
    - Server 3 has been temporarily shut down 

Posted 13 / 11 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.